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The future does not just happen – it is created (an introduction)

December 30, 2009

Things I value and admire in others – and strive to do better myself:

  • Honesty and total moral integrity
  • Ethos of public service – and fully understanding what that means and the sacrifices it entails
  • Ability to listen to and understand the needs of others, then to persistently, intelligently and diligently represent them to deliver a fair outcome
  • Continuous striving to work with others to deliver improvements and support positive-change – however hard it seems.

From the past – what have I learnt?

  • Eighteen years experience as a public servant, listening to, engaging with and winning the confidence and trust of patients/public from all social backgrounds
  • Relentlessly reasonable in winning the support and engagement of others to achieve the stretching outcomes I believe are possible
  • Ability to assimilate a wide-range of information to support decisions and actions – and then to act clearly with purpose and belief
  • Entrepreneurial success in building innovative business solutions to solve problems of the public-sector
  • Deep understanding of the role of change, technology and innovation to transform lives
  • When vested interests try to protect the status quo – they are probably wrong.

Qualities and skills worth strengthening:

  • Passion for improving the lives and opportunities of others
  • Ability to empathise with people from varied backgrounds and to see issues from a broad range of views
  • Experience of working in both the public and private sectors, and an understanding of both
  • Persistence required to achieve results when working with large, complex, public organisations and governments
  • Energy and ability to work long and hard to achieve those outcomes I believe in
  • Capability to build a compelling view of the future and to then inspire others to make it reality.

…and just a few of my many weaknesses:

  • Impatience  – when I identify a need for change and a route to deliver required improvements
  • Inability – to accept compromise or second-best when meeting the needs of others
  • Total intolerance – of dishonesty or failure of leaders to act to the highest standards.
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