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What happens to so many great ideas?

January 3, 2010
Why risk-aversion kills

Recognise this scenario? Image from

Whether your personal dreams, where you work, or the bold words of national leaders – what happens to so many great, great ideas?
Of course the “fear” illustrated can come in all shapes and sizes, many times it is not even recognised by those who allow their great ideas to be diluted to mediocrity. A warning sign to look out for in this respect, and something I have noticed in too many of the organisations and places I work, is some variant on the phrase, “we can’t do that here because…”. Usually that hides a whole raft of fears, and – unless tackled head-on – is highly predictive of an end-product/service/solution that looks like the “blob” above.

The only way to deliver fantastic solutions, outcomes, services or products is to be immune to that fear. That is what we need to do ourselves, and it is more than ever what we need from our leaders.

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