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MPs’ expenses and opportunities for all public services

February 3, 2010

It has been argued that what has driven the ongoing transformation in the parliamentary expenses system is unrivalled transparency leading to, and combined with, huge public pressure.

This created an unstoppable force for change, modernisation and accountability.

The public has been able to fully engage with and understand the issues in a way that had never before been possible.

This has now started in UK health and social care, with companies – including my business iWantGreatCare – combining transparency and public understanding to deliver a continuous, unstoppable force for better quality, increased safety and lower costs.

The opportunity to rapidly extend this across all public services is real, practical and achievable. More needs to be done in health and social care, but close behind should be education, policing and council services.

The spotlight of transparency shines the light of honesty and delivers unstoppable transformation.

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