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“Wisdom of patients” to drive down costs for health insurers?

April 8, 2010

A few of the iWantGreatCare team were in Paris this week presenting at the Health 2.0 conference

We took the chance to demonstrate a few aspects of the active reporting and monitoring platform that we provide to our NHS clients in the UK, and how this gives real-time understanding for quality improvement programmes.

It was interesting to see how the iWantGreatCare approach of providing benefit and value to all three stake-holders, patients, providers and individual clinicians has not been mirrored by others measuring patient experience in Europe. Most initiatives seem to focus on just one group – usually the patient, sometimes the provider. iWantGreatCare believes that only by meeting the needs of all three stakeholders can you deliver a sustainable service – and this in turn enables a far more robust business model.

Equally interesting was the fact that only iWantGreatCare deploys its technology platform across such a range of health and social care, including the measurement of patient experience for specific medicines and treatments.

I also spoke with three different health insurance companies, from three different European countries, each of which fully appreciated how patient experience can be a valuable way to monitor and predict where sub-standard care will put patients (and profit!) at risk. But more than that, exposing the patient experience data back to other users in a fully transparent manner (allowing patients to read the ratings and reviews of their peers) will drive users away from the low quality (and costly, inefficient) providers of care. This is of course profoundly important to insurers – and their patients!

Whilst some insurers are attempting to build their own systems, others have found that the complexities of designing, running and maintaining the complex, secure architectures required is costly and not their core competence. Systems have to be in place to monitor every rating and review, to react when necessary and to prevent any abuse or “campaigning” – these require 24, 7, 365 attention and a continuous investment in upgrading and improving the architecture and technologies used.

iWantGreatCare has built (and maintains) just such a platform. Working in partnership with insurers is yet another way by which we intend to harness patient experience to improve the quality of health care on a massive scale.

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