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More from Health2.0 in San Francisco

October 8, 2010

Current session is all about tools and simple services to make it easy for patients to do more for themselves, to be more informed about their health, and to make informed decisions about where and when to get care. All key issues in the current debate on reorganisation of the NHS, and putting the patient first.

From the many super, easy to use, practical solutions we are looking at here it is clear that patients have to have total access to their medical record. The only obstacle to this is attitude – and it’s not the attitude of patients that is the problem!

Making sense of free text notes in medical records? Solved by Enhanced Medical Decisions, a company led by a doctor.
Extracting full details from medical records? Solved by “Blue Button Solutions”, HealthVault and others.
Helping patients with medicine side-effects and increasing adherence to treatments? KnowMyMeds and MedAdherence are just two of the solutions that work today.

And very little of this existed two years ago.

Of course, the State hasn’t created any of these solutions or services – just ensured that the underlying performance data was fully available, then got out of the way.

How can the UK and Europe learn from these success stories?

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