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Will ratings and reviews by patients help new NHS providers?

October 6, 2011

A review from Harvard shows that user ratings and reviews favour the smaller, personal restaurants over large chains.

Interesting to think how this will play out as open patient ratings and reviews rapidly become the norm in healthcare.

Following the logic in the Harvard paper, we should see the smaller providers of healthcare benefiting at the expense of the large, established players.

The timing is of course fascinating with AQP and commissioning groups well on their way of breaking up the inefficient monopoly of state provision in UK healthcare.
There are some fantastic organisations now delivering innovative care with great outcomes (the majority of which are not for profit, charities or social enterprises). They are of course fighting for recognition and credibility against the NHS monoliths who have never had to share or compare their outcomes. It is just possible that ratings and reviews (combined with clinical outcomes) could really help these organisations get traction with both GP commissioners and patients.

This is of course why the Government has ensured that patient experience is embedded as one of the most important metrics of healthcare quality, something that all providers must capture, and which all commissioners must carefully consider.

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