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Andrew Lansley identifies IWGC as an example of real innovation

December 13, 2011

As reported on iWantGreatCare, the Secretary of State for Health spoke last week about the importance and potential of innovative new ways of using quality data, and especially patient experience to improve the quality of the NHS.

Announcing new measurements to be used to monitor progress across the NHS, he used IWGC as an example, stating that openly sharing data “will help improve the health and experience of patients and reduce unnecessary hospital admissions…[helping] people to find the best doctors, the best hospitals, the best providers and allow them to rate them based on their own experience of care.”

This is at the very core of the IWGC vision. It is what drives the dedicated, passionate people in the team,  as we work with NHS hospitals and individual doctors across the country to make excellent patient experience a daily reality. Detailed, real-time ratings and reviews of healthcare are vital for those hospitals and community providers which consider patient experience important to what they do, and using an innovative approach saves money, increases staff engagement and builds unprecedented trust with the public and patients.

It is superb to see this approach moving to the heart of quality measurement across the NHS – with all the massive benefits this will bring to doctors, nurses and patients.

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