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Integrating revalidation and the Friends and Family Test

October 30, 2012
Lots happening over at iWantGreatCare at the moment!
  1. iWGC is providing a comprehensive solution to NHS Trusts for the Friends and Family Test, free of charge for three years. Details and FAQs here:
  2. This makes it simple to collect the required information, but more importantly to do so in a way that also collects freetext and delivers engaging graphical reports proven to change staff behaviour and improve patient experience. These reports are sent a) to board monthly with overview, but also b) to wards weekly giving comparative data/performance
  3. iWGC also enables doctors to collect feedback from patients, carers, staff/colleagues in format that is suitable for GMC revalidation. As you’ve probably seen, this asks for just three quantitative metrics: trust, listen, recommend, as well as free text. Doctors across the UK are already using this for appraisal/revalidation. Here is a typical example of what it looks like for a doctor:
  4. Key thing is simplicity for doctor and his reviewers. Doctor simply gives URL out: footer of clinic letters, appointment cards, emails, “please review me cards” (iwgc provides doctors with business cards with their personal, short url)
  5. All feedback (“ratings and reviews”) are monitored and moderated by iWGC to detect/prevent gaming etc.
  6. When doctor needs collated feedback for appraisal/revalidation, they simply print the pdf of their feedback, all audited and authenticated by iwgc
  7. For Trusts using the (free) iWGC Friends and Family solution iWGC can  – if requested –  integrate this with the revalidation service
  8. So when patients provide feedback online, after answering the single FFT question for the ward/hospital, they are then taken to page which says “now please give feedback on your doctor”, and get to do the three questions:
  9. Combining this with the doctors themselves directly asking patients for feedback (ideally continuously: every patient, every day) ensures a simple way to get both significant volumes, but also continuous inflow of reviews (this is the preferred methodology of the GMC, rather than just a mad dash once every five years!)
  10. Doctors receive an email each time they are reviewed allowing them to “be the first to know”. This actually ensures they get a steady flow of positive comments (with the occasional negative!), which colleagues say improves morale and helps continued (re)focus on the needs/perceptions of patients
  11. Doctors are able to type a response to any patient review – this doctor response is displayed on the website and the iwgc system sends the response by email to the patient (maintaining anonymity and patient confidentiality). Example:
  12. It is simple for doctors to get reviews from colleagues, management etc – they simply send their own personal URL direct with a request for feedback. Again, this ensures anonymity for the reviewer
  13. There is no charge for the revalidation service or doctor reviews as described above
  14. And yes, there’s an iphone/ipad app!



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