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Hold the front page! Total, massive, huge success story in the NHS

June 20, 2013

There were many critics when the Friends and Family Test was announced by David Cameron, people who either didn’t think it could work, or had vested interests in seeing it fail. Too many column inches were dedicated to airing the views of these people, and their lack of vision.

If you were one of those and you have a hat, you might like to give it a dusting of seasoning and sharpen your cutlery.

Across the country, many, many hard-working NHS staff have embraced this new and innovative chance to listen even better to their patients, to focus even more on what is important if patients are to get great care, and to use the Friends and Family Test to identify ways by which they can personally deliver better, safer care every day of the week. Not only have their patients already benefited, but these busy, dedicated NHS staff (in their own words) “absolutely love it”.

But, as someone who is obsessed with the idea that the only way to deliver great care to our patients is to obsessively, passionately focus on their experience and opinions, I am biased. So don’t take my word for it, rather watch and listen to patients and NHS colleagues from across England explaining how the Friends and Family Test is an incredible “game-changer”, how it improves morale across hospitals, and how it helps frontline clinicians reconnect with their values and remind them – on a daily basis – why they dedicate their working lives to the NHS and its patients. These are massive claims (indeed, it is hard to think of anything in the last 20 years of the NHS that has had such an impact), but they are not mine. They are the words of those who use the Friends and Family Test as part of their day to day life in the NHS.

We’re listening to what our patients want as well.. and I think we’re trying to tailor our care much more than ever before, but excellence is a journey not a destination.. And having the support of patients informing us and helping us to shape that is going to be really key moving forward. 

Sister Alison Koster, Senior Nurse & Matron. Great Western Hospital, Swindon

Thankfully, these are the people we rely on when we or our families are ill, rather than those “experts” who gleefully predicted that the Friends and Family Test would be a waste of time.

The great news is that these benefits will soon be extending out from NHS hospitals and into General Practice, so that all GPs, nurses and receptionists and – most importantly – their patients will get the same benefits as those described in the film.

[Transparency: Every single word, and every rating of care, is fully and openly shared on – not only is the Friends and Family good for staff, it’s also great for the public who want to know more about their NHS.]

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  1. June 23, 2013 3:25 pm

    No one cares we have suffered terribly at the hands of ex GP and still are .


  1. It shouldn’t be a bold and radical thing to put patient experience at the heart of healthcare… | Neil Bacon Blog

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