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Four weeks to become an open, transparent Trust

August 15, 2013

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust is on a journey.

It is a journey to become a trusted, open and honest hospital, one at which staff are proud to work, where patients receive great care and an excellent experience, and a place that the local public have confidence in.

Central to this is not just listening to every word that patients and their families say, but making the experience of patients central to the culture and focus of everything that is done. From ward to board, it is all about the patient. In this respect they have moved way ahead of many Trusts still struggling to make any sensible response to the demands of the reports from Francis, Keogh and Berwick.

As part of this transformation, Morecambe Bay has moved all their patient experience collection, monitoring and reporting to iWantGreatCare. Previously they had tried one of the many ineffectual SMS systems sold (not so) cheaply to the NHS – but found that SMS failed to harness the volume and detail needed to make any real difference, never really captured the detailed, important experiences of patients, and had negligible impact on the morale of staff.

Engaging staff with the experience of patients is fundamental to building a culture obsessed with those who use the service.

It took Morecambe Bay – working with their dedicated account team at iWantGreatCare – a mere four weeks to launch the service across the Trust. As a result every word, of every comment, by every patient is now fully, openly shared on the internet for all to see. This is openness and transparency in action and always increases trust and confidence of those the hospital serves. Four weeks to move from a hospital with a reputation of opacity to one using the world’s most open and honest system to harness the patient voice.

This is not to suggest the job is done, or to rest on laurels – in fact this is when the hard work of the dedicated iWGC team really starts. Working closely with their colleagues at Morecambe Bay, they will be totally focused on ensuring that using iWGC delivers real benefits to both staff and patients. Whilst others struggle to even measure patient experience in any meaningful way, as part of the iWGC family (which includes more NHS Trusts than any other patient experience network) Morecambe Bay will benefit from a unique service that delivers unprecedented volumes of detailed ratings and reviews, reports the patient experience in a powerful, easy to understand way, and works continuously to help ensure real improvement in the experience of every patient.

Huge thank you to the Morecambe Bay team for choosing iWGC as partners on this journey, and welcome to the iWGC family.

“Working with iWantGreatCare makes it easy for Walsall to achieve the very highest response rates for the FFT across all inpatient services (62%), and in a manner that is highly acceptable to both staff and patients. The way in which iWGC presents our reports helps us engage staff and continually drive up standards.”

Richard Kirby, CEO, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

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