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“…so you can tell the best doctors direct from the google search results page”

November 7, 2013

An email received this week here at iWantGreatCare

Dear iWantGreatCare Team,

Thank you for your excellent website.  It is great that we patients are now able to “have our say”.  Hopefully the website will become more widely used in the future.

One suggestion, though – why don’t you make it so that the overall number of stars for the doctor also shows up in the list of search results from google/bing/etc – a bit like what happens in the results from yelp, etc.  I think this would be a great addition, so you can tell the best doctors direct from the google search results page.

Again best wishes for your website!

Her request to put the star rating for doctors into Google results is actually in development, and will be live before Christmas.

As this patient says “so you can tell the best doctors from the google search results page”. This is the vision of iWantGreatCare: ensuring that everybody can find great care.

It is a vision that the team here is passionate about, works tirelessly to achieve, and is making steady progress on. It is fantastic to get such emails from people using the service, and exciting to see that so many doctors, nurses, physios and other healthcare professionals feel the same way: each week over 400 doctors are making iWantGreatCare part of their routine practice.

100,000 reviews are added each and every month, and by next year there will be over one million reviews on iWantGreatCare – everyone of them transparently shared, unedited and available for everyone to see.

If you want to find great care for you or your family, keep an eye on iWantGreatCare. And if you find your doctor has not yet been reviewed, then be the first to let them know how much their care means to you by taking one minute to rate and review them.


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