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Secret’s (nearly) out – GPs to get totally free solution for Friends & Family Test

November 21, 2013

I’m not really allowed to mention this ahead of the formal announcement with our (really rather distinguished) partner association next week, but the UK’s GPs are to be given a completely free solution guaranteed to meet all the new contractual requirements of the Friends and Family Test – and a lot more.

A number of practices have already approached iWantGreatCare and joined the free programme – and they are guaranteed the comprehensive solution, free of charge. Early bird, catches the worm and all that.

But don’t worry, as iWantGreatCare will announce next week, it is possible for every NHS general practice to get the same benefits and at no cost.

The service will be announced in the national medical press, on iWantGreatCare and on this blog, as well as being tweeted so you won’t miss it. But you will have to act quickly, as only those registering before the deadline will get the service for free.

Was prompted to write this blog following an email I got from a GP this evening. Pasted below, with my rapid responses.

Dear Sir

Please can you advise me. You are probably aware that next year the new GP contract is going to require GP surgeries to offer a friends and family test. Is your website able to do that for a surgery?

Yes, iWantGreatCare will be providing NHS GPs with a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of surgeries for FFT, as well as to meet the CQC expectations regarding “actively listening” to patients, and integrated with a solution making it easy for GPs to collect the patient feedback they need for revalidation. All in one solution.

How much will you be charging for that service?

It will be possible for GPs to get the service free of charge (for up to five years at no cost at all), but Practices will have to move promptly as there will be a deadline to register for this free solution

Will it provide a data report for the practice and if so, how frequently?

Yes, all data requirements will be met including the need to monitor and report feedback. Full details will be announced in the coming weeks, but it is guaranteed to meet all FFT requirements at no cost.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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