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Picasso gives patient feedback? Most bizarre response to “Would you recommend?”

November 26, 2013
Picasso does Friends and Family Test?

Picasso does Friends and Family Test?

iWantGreatCare collects feedback from patients in 14 different languages and across 18 countries. In the UK, part of this is to help Trusts meet the requirements of the NHS’ Friends and Family test – a standard, national test that asks all hospital in-patients if they’d recommend their care to their Friends and Family. As it happens, iWantGreatCare is by far the largest provider of such services across the NHS, probably because the methodology deployed is proven to engage staff, build morale and directly drive improvement in patient experience. (Okay, so being the Founder of the business I’m slightly biased, but this is what we are told by clients up and down the country, such as the wonderful NHS staff featured in this video.)

But to the point – the Picasso of patient experience.

To ensure all patients have the chance to make their views count, and to ensure the feedback is as representative as possible, we deploy a multi-channel, multi-language approach. What this means is that patients can provide their feedback  online, offline, via kiosks, in multiple languages, easy-read versions etc etc. As a result healthcare providers harness unrivalled volumes of feedback – and are thus able to deliver unprecedented change and improvement in their organisations.

And the great thing about providing a free-text box is that patients have space to really detail their feelings – often at great length. In the past patients have taped chocolate biscuits to the form (a grateful Dialysis patient), but the work of art above takes things to a new level. I’m not sure what they were trying to say, but thought others would like to see this graphic answer to the question “what was great about your care, and what could be improved to help the next patient get great care?”.




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