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New conversations – data, data, data and quality, quality, quality

November 19, 2019

I’m really happy to share my latest conversations with two brilliant minds talking about the future of healthcare¬† – just published on Healthcare Futures.

Whilst in Boston last month I was fortunate enough to spend time with the always-inspiring Don Berwick, @DonBerwick. Don and I discussed the incredible possibilities (and huge need) for healthcare quality to drive transformations in the future of healthcare – you’ll have to listen to hear how we went from there to how Uber is using IT to prevent harm and accidents.

Secondly, no less brilliant and equally insightful, is my chat with Trishan Panch, @basslinetherapy. Doctor, entrepreneur, lecturer, author of ground-breaking papers on AI in healthcare, Trishan is someone who does not just talk about the future but is actually making it happen with his wonderful business Wellframe. If you want to hear someone who uses AI to deliver better outcomes for patients¬†today, then listen to Trishan. It is frequently said that the future has arrived, but is just not evenly distributed – talking to Trishan you realise that this is true, and it has arrived in what he and his team are doing. Oh yes, there’s also a “sssh, can’t talk about it yet” moment about CTGs and making every birth safer…

I hope you enjoy these episodes as much as I enjoyed making them.

Healthcare Futures – conversations with the people building a future of better outcomes

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