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Study: Ratings and reviews from patients increase the morale of clinical teams

April 18, 2011

The All Wales Palliative Care Board (AWPCB) is responsible for delivering high quality terminal care across Wales. For nearly three years they have continuously collected feedback (ratings and reviews) on the service from patients and their carers. Using iWantGreatCare, the patients use online or offline data submission, it takes less than 90 seconds but enables detailed quantitative and qualitative insight to be gathered for all 52 hospices and hospital-based care settings.

Together with the AWPCB we recently presented the findings from a study of those clinicians and frontline teams who have been using the service – all of whom receive monthly comparative reports showing how well they are doing in the eyes of their patients.
This was presented to the Marie Curie Scientific meeting in London earlier this month.

A quick summary of the findings.

Summary of responses

82% consider the monthly reports useful or very useful
55% consider morale improved by the ratings and reviews from patients (with only 4% viewing them as negative)
Not a single clinician viewed the system as unacceptable to patients.

it is very hepful to have completely independent and objective feedback which benchmarks our service against other similar services

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